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Ban Kah Chai Traditional Herbal Tea Relief Fever Cold & Body Heatiness

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Traditionally used for symptomatic relief of fever, cold, body heatiness, stomachache, mild vomiting and mild diarrhea. Also for symptomatic relief of headache, indigestion and car sickness.
Dosage: Put 1 bags of Traditional Herbal Tea with hot water. Wait for few minutes until warm the serve. Can be taken once every 3 hours and 3- 4 times daily.
Packing: 6 gram x 10 pack
Ministry Of Health Malaysia Registration Number: MAL20031827TC

萬家濟傳統涼茶主治: 传统上适用于外感发烧,伤风感冒,消除热气,肚腹胀痛,轻微呕吐。传统上适用于头晕头痛,食积饱胀,舟车晕吐
服法: 用熱滾水一杯, 茶一包沸騰幾分鐘, 每隔三小時可服一次, 一天可服用三至四次。
包装: 6 gram x 10 小包
马来西亚卫生部注册准证编号: MAL20031827TC

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